GM 4L60E Transmission Fluid Guide

We all know that a machine is meant to run or move if the power supply is on. No matter what kind of machine it is or for what purpose does it use, but they all are in motion with the support of the necessary power. Providing the power is not always the only thing that can keep it moving for a longer period. The metallic components and parts tend to get worn out by the times due to the friction that happens while constantly moving. Even rusting is also a big issue that happens with the machines quite frequently. To keep the machine safe from these problems one thing that certainly will come to your mind is lubricating oil, a kind of fluid that helps all the tools and parts of a machine to move smoothly for a longer period.

Starting Point

Transmission fluid is one of those kinds of lubricating oil that works on the transmission, a kind of machine that is found inside of your vehicle be it an individual car or a heavy-duty truck for carrying goods. This works quite efficiently to make the car capable enough to give the best performance. Besides, the transmission fluid also works as a coolant to prevent the machine from being hot too early. Here we are now looking for a fluid that is commonly used in GM 4L60E transmission. Let’s find out the right one.

What Type of Transmission Fluid Does The 4L60E Transmission Use?

Although there are different types of transmission fluid available, each of the transmissions has its own choice. There are several recommended GM 4L60E transmission fluids, some of them are Dexron 3, Dexron 6, Dex Merc, etc.

It was 1993 when this transmission was introduced; Dexron 3 was the only fluid that was used in it. But in 2005-06 this fluid was replaced with Dex VI. But it is recommended only for the newly launched vehicles and transmissions. While the older models were continued with Dexron 3. Since then Dex VI along with few others like Royal Purple Max ATF, Valvoline MaxLife, Castrol Transmax have been used by the manufacturers and the users as well.

What is The 4L60E’s Transmission Fluid Capacity?

Sometimes you may find it quite difficult to know the right measure of the fluid that your transmission requires. But if you’re lucky and wise enough to own a vehicle equipped with the 4L60E transmissions then it would be too easy for you to know the right amount of fluid that requires.

Usually, most of the individual cars take 12-16 quarts of transmission fluid. The volume of the fluid depends mostly on the model and the type of vehicle. For instance, the fluid volume of the 4L60E transmission is 12 quarts [dry]. This quantity is based on a stock with a 12 “torque converter” swallow type of pan. If your vehicle is equipped with a deep pan, then an extra quart or more will be required.

4L60E Transmission Fluid Change Intervals

Nothing would work forever. Everything around us has an expiry. Therefore, all the things that come into your use in different ways must have the duration of time and that you should know to keep the system well. The transmission fluid that is used in the 4L60E transmission of your vehicle also has a time limit. Mostly it is seen that the transmission fluid of 4L60E should have change anywhere from 30,000-50,000 miles.

4L60E Transmission Fluid Guide

If you use to drive your vehicle mostly on the highways, then you can afford to wait for the maximum limit of 50,000 miles, but if you have to cross the traffic lights quite frequently, then you cannot go more than 30,000 miles to change the fluid. If you find fluid turns darker with a burning smell, it means, the duration time is well over and an immediate replacement of fluid is nothing short of an emergency for you to save your vehicle from further damage.

How to Choose The Right Fluid for 4L60E Transmissions?

Selecting the right fluid for the transmission of your vehicle is quite challenging as there are different types of automatic transmission fluids [ATF] available in the market. Therefore, before going to choose one, you have to know what kind of service you seek from the fluid. Anti-shudder protection, high-temperature protection, oxidation resistance, smooth transmission, thickening resistance, smooth gear transition- all these are some features that you should expect to get from the transmission fluid. As for the GM 4L60E transmission Dexron 3, transmission fluid for older versions and Dex VI for the newer versions are rightly selected by the manufacturers as well as the users for having all these good things that to maintain the well-being of your vehicle for a longer period.

How to Check The Transmission Fluid Level of 4L60E?

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Maintaining the right transmission fluid level of the transmission of your vehicle is one of the vital conditions for the well-being of your vehicle. If the level goes down there would be a good chance of a leak somewhere in your vehicle. Therefore a regular checking of the level of the fluid is always welcome for you. To check the level you have to go through some steps. Here they are-

  1. At first park your vehicle on a level surface and leave it neutral. Then let the engine warm-up and keep it running unless the checking is done.
  2. Find out the fluid dipstick, wipe it to remove dust, and then insert it fully into the transmission fluid pan.
  3. Check the markings at the ends of the dipstick. You’ll find two markings- ‘cold’ and ‘warm’. If you see the fluid level does not touch the ‘warm’ level it means your vehicle requires more fluids to avoid any damage to the transmission of your vehicle.

How to Know Your Transmission is Overfilled?

Overfilling the transmission of your vehicle may cause harm to the gears as they submerged into the transmission fluid. The undeserving wear and tear on the transmission can be the reason behind damaging the whole system in the long run. Therefore, you must know if your transmission is overfilled or not. Some symptoms indicate that your transmission is overfilled. Here these are-

  1. Insert the fluid dipstick into the transmission and check the level of the fluid if it is overfilled.
  2. Check if the fluid is leaking from anywhere.
  3. If your transmission is overfilled then you can hear strange noises coming from the engine.
  4. Overheating is another thing that indicates the transmission of your vehicle is overfilled with some approved transmission fluid.

Bottom Line

What has I told you so far from the best of my knowledge about the transmission fluid that is used as a lubricant in GM 4L60E transmission is not far from enough to provide you a clear idea. If you’re an owner of any kind of vehicle that comes from the house of GM Company that is equipped with 4L60E transmissions, then you must go for this fluid to keep your vehicle fit for a longer run. Go ……..get it!!!

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