GM 4L60E Transmission Cooler Guide

Hey guys!! You’re supposed to go for a long drive. Smooth highways, fast drive! Feeling envious of not being with you. Anyway, have a nice journey!! 

Hi!! You’re finally going to deliver the goods all by yourself. That’s a great idea. But crossing a long distance with this kind of heavy load is not an easy job. 

Now, these two incidents might not be too much a big deal but surely you cannot ignore them as you shouldn’t depend upon your luck while going for a long ride or transporting some heavy loads. A transmission cooler is none other than the most trusted companion that helps you to make your journey a kind of smooth sailing no matter how far you go or how much load your vehicle would carry.

What is A Transmission Cooler?

A transmission Cooler is a kind of machine equipped to the engine of your vehicle that protects the transmission fluid from overheating. This works to regulate the heat of your transmission by keeping it cool. A long journey or transporting a heavy load, in both cases a lot of stress and heat effects on the transmission system. This causes transmission failure a reason for the breakdown on the road all of in sudden that you don’t desire to be experienced such kind of nightmare. Not only have that, if the fluid gets too hot but it can also be made a serious damage to your vehicle as well.

What Does A Transmission Cooler Do?

This machine is well designed to let the transmission fluid go through them in a manner so that the temperature of the transmission stays in control. It allows the incoming air to reduce the heat that is produced from the heated transmission fluid and also helps the fluid to cool down while flowing through the system. In this way, the transmission cooler keeps your vehicle run smoothly without having a threat of sudden jolt that happens due to overheating the transmission fluid.

How Does A Transmission Cooler Work?

Simply keeps the transmission fluid as well as the entire system cool, that’s what a transmission cooler works. But the question is how? Let’s explain it clearly, the hot transmission fluid flows through the core of the cooler. Here you can find fins throughout the body that allows the incoming air with a lower temperature to carries away the heat from the fluid that runs through the fins while you’re driving the vehicle.

4L60E Transmission Cooler Guide

In most vehicles, the transmission cooler can be seen in front of the radiator or the air conditioning condenser, which helps to get much cool air to do a much-needed cooling job. If it is hard to find enough space in the frontal position of the engine, then you cannot help but have to install a cooler with a fan.

What Are The Benefits of The Transmission Cooler?

As the name suggests the prime duty of a transmission cooler is to keep the transmission fluid cool that runs through the core of it. This is certainly a great benefit of having it as it prevents the vehicle from the breakdown on the road and also reduces the chances of some serious damage to your vehicle.

Apart from that, it also saves the transmission fluid from being burnt. As you know, the burnt transmission fluid generates too much debris and contaminants that can be harmful to the transmission of your vehicle. Besides, the burnt fluid always proves a bad impact on the transmission’s durability.

Moreover, using a transmission cooler gives you one more benefit is that it keeps the transmission fluid in better condition for a longer run. The overheated Trans fluid may starts to burn too early and fails to do its job to engage gears and clutches properly. But the cooler can make it useful for a longer period.

How Many Types of Transmission Coolers are There?

There are three types of transmission coolers that can be found and any one of these can go with your vehicle according to the design of your car engine or you’re the requirements that you have for your vehicle. Let’s find them.

Tube and Fin

This is probably the most common type of cooler that can be seen in most vehicles. This aluminum-made ‘S’ shaped tube with fins helps to disperse the heat from the trans fluid by allowing the cool air to flow over the liquid while the fluid passes through the tube. This kind of cooler is quite economical but less efficient as well.

Plate and Fin

One of the main features of this type of cooler is its smaller size that helps it to fit conveniently without having much space. But it is very efficient for cooling the trans fluid quite effectively. This durable cooler comes with a row of plates that can cool more fluid at one go. But buying this kind of cooler seems to be an expensive affair to some of you.

Stacked Plate

If you’re looking for a bigger transmission cooler that can give you the cooling performance most effectively then this type would be the best bet for you. Equipped with plates and fins it used a tube to flow the fluid inside the cooler and the fins allow the fluid to go through the cooler. One better thing is that it can easily be installed as well as removed for your convenience but proved the most costly for you.

Transmission Cooler with Built-in Fan

Apart from all these, there is one more type of transmission cooler that can be used depending upon the situation. Such as, if your vehicle cannot manage to fit the cooler at the front of the radiator, then this type of cooler can be used as an option to keep your trans fluid cool.

Final Words

Owning a mean of transport is always a good thing, and if it comes from the house of GM Company is always considered an exciting thing for sure. Furthermore, if the vehicle is equipped with 4L60E Transmissions you should owe all praise for that. Here is what I have told about the transmission cooler so far, always comes in use in any kind of transmissions, and certainly, 4L60E is not out of that league. So, here you to check your vehicle to see if it is equipped with 4L60E transmissions. Best of Luck!!!  

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