4L60E Corvette Servo Guide

Upgrading is a kind of process that every machine and tool needs for improving its performance. It is very natural that repeating the same kind of work, again and again, can make the machine gradually losing its flexibility, strength, and rhythm. This certainly is not entertaining for you and it also makes you tired with time as well. Here you can find the need to upgrade the machine so that it can provide you the same performance of its initial days.

Upgrading a machine doesn’t mean changing the whole system or a process that requires a lot of money. No, it means a simple replacement or inclusion of any smaller tool with the system that improves the function of a machine. For instance, 4L60E Corvette Servo is one of the most inexpensive and efficient upgrades for 4L60E transmission. This is probably a unique thing that helps to improve the performance of your vehicle. It’s time to follow the prospects of corvette servo to find out the benefits.

What is Servo?

Transmission is an essential part of your vehicle’s engine system to keep the function of your vehicle better. A servo is a kind of device that can be added with the automatic transmission to promote the activity of the transmission. Equipped with an applied oil chamber that supplies the transmission oil with the support of the required pressure created by the transmission pump. And if your vehicle has come from the house of GM Company that comes with 4L60E transmission then it requires a corvette servo to get the best out of it.

What Does A Corvette Servo Do?

4L60E Corvette Servo
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High Performance

Including the corvette servo with the 4L60E transmission of your vehicle means you can expect something better with the performance while overdriving. Especially for heavy-duty vehicles, you’ll certainly be going to get the stronger overdrive. If you take any performance vehicle that requires towing, RV, or off-road service, you have no other way than installing this servo with your transmission such as 4L60E.

Faster and Better Shifts

Adding a corvette servo with the system of your vehicle gives you an opportunity to achieve faster 1-2 and firmer 2-3 shifts. This is not less than great for your vehicle’s fast and smooth movement and also this can prevent the transmission from slipping especially when the vehicle is running with a heavy load.

Extra Apply Pressure

This corvette servo gives the 4L60E transmission 50% more applied pressure and in this way, it can keep the transmission away from burning while your vehicle is carrying a heavy load. A cooler transmission always supports the vehicle to run better without allowing many adversities especially when your vehicle is at full throttle.

Extends Transformer’s Life

As far as the 4L60E transmission’s durability, all I can say is that using the corvette servo would be the best upgrade to your vehicle that comes with the 4L60E transmission. Doesn’t matter if your vehicle is for lower mileage or higher mileage, this servo can extend some more life to the 4L60E transmission. It means, now you don’t have to replace the transformer early and it can make delay from being paid a good amount for installing a new one.  

4L60E Corvette Servo Installation

If the corvette servo of the 4L60E transmission of your vehicle occurs any fault and that affects the performance of the vehicle, then you have no way left but to replace it as early as you can. Besides, if the transmission was not previously fixed with a corvette servo, then to upgrade it you have to install a corvette servo to the 4L60E transmission to get the best possible performance out of your vehicle.

To install the corvette servo with the transmission for the first time is not an easy task, you have to go through a process so that it can be fixed easily without facing any problem. Here it is-

Tools That Require

For installing a new corvette servo you have to arrange some tools. They are- Hammer, channel locks, flat head screwdriver, and a pick.

4L60E Corvette Servo Guide
Credit: gmfullsize.com

Remove The Existing Servo

Before you go to install a new servo, you have to remove the factory servo that is already placed with the transmission. To make this possible you have to pry out the existing clip that is situated at the bottom of the servo using the flat head screwdriver. 

Make The Assembly Loose

When the clip is removed, Take the channel locks and begin wiggling the servo assembly so that it can loosen out. You may feel a little tough at the beginning due to the o-ring but if you keep twisting and pulling without giving up, then at one time it is bound to come off.

Install The New One

Once the existing factory servo comes off, you have installed the new one in place of it. Now you need to follow the above-said process in reverse to fix the thing with the transmission. It is not too tough to do the job. A new servo comes with some necessary seals that come in handy for installation. These include an outer cover o-ring. Along with that, you can see 3 pages of instructions with a diagram that certainly makes your job easier.

It is told there that you have to set the new one at the right place and then start twisting to tighten the servo assembly. When it is done then it is time to fix it by pressing the clip at the bottom. Finally, check the assembly carefully to see if it is perfectly done. 


We all love to rip off the best performance from our vehicles. To get the desired result your vehicles should be equipped with the 4L60E transmission. And to keep the good thing continue, make sure if the Corvette Servo is installed with the transmission. Only then the cheer would come to your face while driving. Have a nice time!!!

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